EASY IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT(EIC), establish in the year of 2016,is one of the sister concern of IS GROUP BANGLADESH.

Young, vibrant, and dynamic are a few words that our clients use to describe us. Easy Immigration Consultants Ltd has been in the business for over 2 years, originating in Bangladesh. After a few years, the second franchise started in Malaysia, and now we are running at full-bloom at  these countries. We believe in our partners, and more over we believe in our client’s satisfaction. To which, if you have any questions, or queries regarding your treatment easyimmigrantconsultant@gmail.com is an email checked by EIC Management, and we will definitely respond to your queries. Our opportunities- We extend ourselves to you all… One man did not build apple, and EIC did not come to where we are today just on our own. Hence, we have an open invitation to anyone who wants to work with us. Institutes, Colleges, or recruiters who would want more business, or a consultant company who may be helping us with getting our words across – we welcome you all.you can visit us  facebook to follow our new features and new plan of different visa programs all over the world.